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GLOTECH is a diversified company

Leveraging our established relations with suppliers, product portfolio and financing tools, we are ready to deliver turnkey solutions to companies from various industries.

We offer both the standard builds of basic configurations and customized solutions tailored to clients’ specific requirements. We also provide logistics and customs clearance services.

We supply:

  • Raw materials and equipment for the agricultural industry
  • Equipment and spare parts for the chemical and oil industry
  • Equipment and components for the communications technology industry
  • Certified software

All products are delivered fully operational.

Our specialists check all the devices, and the supply package includes all the required spare parts and accessories.

We are happy to accept your order.

Monitoring and management systems

We supply, implement and provide integrated support of network, network application and IT service monitoring systems on a turnkey basis, tailoring solutions to customers’ business specifics.

We provide software and hardware systems for remote network control and monitoring to ensure the maximum performance and availability of various types of communications networks:

Network performance improvement systems

Smart management of network performance helps significantly increase the data transmission rate, promptly identify and eliminate defects before they result in failures.

We provide efficient solutions to improve network performance, increase capacity and remotely control applications in real time:

The systems used to remotely monitor, test and manage network and application performance make it possible for the customer to substantially reduce IT infrastructure maintenance costs due to centralized management and optimized usage of network resources (e.g., based on wide-area network (WAN) technology).

Monitoring of GSM, UMTS, GPRS, HSPA, LTE, WiMAX network service quality

Today’s wireless communications networks are exposed to significant harmful interference causing such problems for wireless service providers as disconnections, distortions in channels and reduced data transmission rate.  Under the conditions of high demand, providers need to ensure reliable performance of any network regardless of capacity. With a quality monitoring system even an unexperienced user can easily and quickly identify the source of interference and take the required steps to remove it.

A monitoring system helps locate many types of interference in a wide range of power and frequency values. The system operates in various environments, including urban development districts.

If run from a portable PC, the software shows directions to the zone of increased interference. To make the search easier, the route on the map is supplemented with voice guidance.

4G (LTE) mobile base stations

LTE (4G) base stations can be installed to quickly set up a high-speed wireless LTE communications network and failure-free data transmission at any facilities if the radio signal is missing or weak.

LTE base stations are used in situations when you need to promptly ensure reliable performance of a mobile network, including in remote districts or under severe environmental conditions.

LTE stations are optimal to transfer large amounts of data at high speed in a fixed or mobile network deployment setting.

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