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Services for the communications technology industry

IT services

GLOTECH develops IT infrastructures and provides the full range of services, including equipment and software delivery, technical support, testing and personnel training.

We also provide procurement and logistics services (freight forwarding, document storage and processing, insurance and customs clearance), design, project management and outsourcing services in IT and telecom, and supply chain management services.  We have integrated turnkey solutions offered with an optimal financing tool.

Our experienced software engineers develop applications for all main smartphone platforms.

We specialize in:

  • Network planning, monitoring and inventory systems (integration and support)
  • Mobile network planning and optimization systems
  • Personnel training
  • Test and measurement equipment calibration
  • Content services (VAS)
  • Implementation of automation systems (OSS service)
  • Development of integrated quality management systems (OSS Service Assurance)
  • Improvement of billing systems (BSS)
  • Installation of IT service and infrastructure control and monitoring systems
  • Implementation of radio network software systems
  • Development of mobile applications

In today’s world, professional web presence is important for business. Depending on company type and scope of activities, we equip the website with any functions required to effectively present the product for clients and ensure optimal usability. This substantially increases a company’s appeal thus increasing its profit.

We also excel in the development of corporate identity, which includes concept creation, selection of brand colors, design of a logotype and all printed and digital office supplies and promo materials, and the development of a corporate website, online stores and mobile applications.

Project management

We can take on the tasks of planning, concept development, market analysis and product creation, and we will prepare all required documents, control the delivery process and ensure follow-up.

Do you want to upgrade your current systems, build new infrastructure, train personnel, enter a new market or outsource your supply chain? We will help you achieve these goals, while giving you an opportunity to concentrate on your core business.

A product or a service concept should be as focused on satisfying a potential client’s needs as possible. GLOTECH will help you define your target client group and develop a pricing policy, investigate your clients’ preferences and needs, review existing products and evaluate competition.

We develop concepts and offer technical ways of implementing your ideas – for you and your clients to be satisfied with the results.

You can review our progress and change the design and functionality of your product at any stage.

After the development stage is complete, GLOTECH team will help you implement and use your product.

Network operation services

Our team carries out integrated monitoring, regular testing and performance analysis of fixed and mobile communications networks, eliminates vulnerabilities before they result in failures, conducts efforts to optimize and improve performance of network services and applications, and to ensure secure data transmission.

All of our solutions are reliable and ensure a high level of data protection.

Why hand over network infrastructure support functions to a professional contractor?

  • 24/7 control and analysis of everything that happens in the network infrastructure regardless of its scale and configuration
  • Prompt response to incidents, elimination of vulnerabilities in network operations before they result in failures
  • Enhanced availability and performance of critical business applications and services
  • Improved data transmission rate and security
  • Higher service quality and user satisfaction
  • Release of internal technical resources and their re-assignment to important tasks
  • Reducing network maintenance costs (by up to 60%)

All consultations, equipment selection, purchase and installation, and software setup and configuration are performed by qualified and certified specialists.

We take account of our clients’ goals and priorities and find an optimal solution for each of them.

The quality of our work is a guarantee of your success!

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