GLOTECH global technology

GLOTECH is a German trade company
with agencies around the globe

Our export program includes a broad range of products and services
tailored to the needs of our clients from the basic materials and equipment industry

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Qualified personnel ready to perform any task


Hands-on experience and understanding of the current market situation

Tailored approach

Individual servicing and flexible pricing


Broad range of services for business


Full transparency and guaranteed confidentiality


Prompt response to your requests

The high quality tradition

GLOTECH main office is based in Düsseldorf (Germany), in the very heart of Europe, which provides a lot of logistical advantages.  The company’s office is located in the center of the city, not far from the central station.  They are easily accessible by public transport from any district, including the Düsseldorf Airport, which makes them a comfortable place to meet with foreign clients and partners.

While selecting a location for the headquarters, we chose Germany, a country known for the high quality of its products and services developed to optimally fit the clients’ requirements and wishes.

GLOTECH managing director is Evgeny Schukin. Mr. Schukin leads the company with confidence and finds optimal solutions for the most complicated tasks leveraging his long experience in machinery and equipment export and import, product development and manufacture, knowledge of management and marketing and a degree in machine building and system engineering.

The bottom line of our business is evidenced by the annual organic growth enabled by the trust of your clients whose ideas we strive to bring to life.

GLOTECH clients are visionaries. They plan, build, improve and change this world. Our goal is to help them providing our competitive advantages – knowledge, experience and established relations with the leading suppliers on the market.

GLOTECH team includes engineers and experts in business development, logistics, financing and project management. We are always ready to learn about your ideas, answer your questions and provide any assistance you might need. We speak German, English, Swedish and Russian.

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GLOTECH main office in Germany

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