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GLOTECH is a German trade company
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GLOTECH’s export program includes a broad range of products and services
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Digital technology services

GLOTECH offers a complete set of IT services from basic support and equipment rental to full-scale project management and delivery of turnkey solutions. We develop mobile applications, install certified software and provide the full range of network operation services.

We offer solutions for network planning, automation, monitoring and inventory systems, mobile and radio networks, test and measurement equipment, integrated quality management systems, billing systems (BSS), and IT service and infrastructure control and monitoring systems.

Drawing on our years of experience in various fields, GLOTECH creates successful brands developing corporate identity and implementing an efficient marketing strategy, which includes preparation of all printed and digital products and the development of corporate websites, online stores and mobile applications.

Equipment supply

GLOTECH is a diversified company. Leveraging our established relations with suppliers, product portfolio and financing tools, we are ready to deliver turnkey solutions to companies from various industries.

We also provide logistics and customs clearance services.

We supply:

  • Raw materials and equipment for the agricultural industry
  • Equipment and spare parts for the chemical and oil industry
  • Equipment and components for the communications technology industry
  • Certified software

GLOTECH team includes engineers and experts in business development, logistics, financing and project management. We are always ready to learn about your ideas, answer your questions and provide any assistance you might need. We speak German, English, Swedish and Russian.

Our coworkers

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